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Dear, Klair's Rich Moist Facial Soap

Key ingredients

Jojoba, Almond and Argan oil (for moisture)

Yerba mate extracts (polyphenol)

How I use it: 

I first tried to rub one side on the soap bar with my wet hand to avoid getting soap and water around my sink. I was quite impressed with how well this product spread across my face. I tried this method both in the morning and at night. The product directions say to massage over wet face & body, so I later brought it into the shower. It was much better lathering using both hands for my whole body. 

How did it feel?

At first, I felt a bit strange using this product because I’m so used to my gel cleanser. However, I began to like it the more I used it, especially after I brought it into the shower. I loved the feeling of the soap lathering between my hands, and applying it to my face felt like I was treating myself. I’m not sure if this is because it was a new product, but it was a different sensation compared to my gel cleanser.

I do feel that I prefer to use this after taking my makeup off with my oil cleanser. My face feels extremely clean after using this product, but sometimes it’s to the point of feeling too clean. Sometimes my finger wouldn’t slide across my face easily because it felt like all my moisture left my skin. However, paired with my oil cleanser, it felt just fine~

Also, not necessary, but it’s a super cute pink color! It brings me so much joy looking at it hehe.

Would I recommend it?

If you like bar soaps and want something for your face and body, I think this product is excellent! If you want something only for your face and you’re not used to bar soaps, I would only suggest it if you want to try something new. I love bar soaps because they don’t come in plastic packaging, so it’s extremely easy to dispose of the packaging. 


Author's Blurb

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