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Ideal Blush Duo

Blush Duo for an ideal look with transparent color and trendy color layering

Ideal Blush Duo

1. Express a clear and natural complexion with transparent color

2. Trendy and ideal color combination selected by artist

3. High-lasting blush with high adhesion formula

Key Points

NEW Ideal Blush Duo


Key Points 1

Clear and transparent color

It is a powder with special grinding technology applied, and it is transparently colored to produce a clear and natural complexion.

Key Points 2

Optimal color plate combination

Mix & Match two trendy and ideal colors to create a vibrant and three-dimensional look with just one palette.

Key Points 3

High fit & high endurance blush

The application of the crosslinking binder system, a high-density formula, enhances the adhesion to the skin, so makeup is maintained for a long time.

All Shades

No. 1 Lily Lavender

#. Pure lavender meets baby pink to create pure and pure makeup

No. 1 Lily Lavender


No. 2 Peach Mint

#. Lovely coral pink and mint blur effect for lovely makeup

No. 2 Peach Mint


No. 3 Juicy Rose

#. Lively Coral and Pink's pleasant combination creates lively makeup

No. 3 Juicy Rose


4 California Coral

#. Healthy coral orange and gold pearl highlighter for healthy makeup

4 California Coral


No. 5 Gingerberry

#. Lively Coral and Pink's pleasant combination creates lively makeup

No. 5 Gingerberry


No. 6 Wood Blossom

#. Lively Coral and Pink's pleasant combination creates lively makeup

No. 6 Wood Blossom


No. 7 Mute Rose

#. Elegance tone down rose color for calm and feminine rose layering makeup

No. 7 Mute Rose


Beauty tips

The mood changes dramatically with just one blusher!

Ideal Blusher duo make up looks!

# Lively

Create a lively lively makeup with a pleasant combination of coral and pink

-Ideal Blush Duo No. 3 Juicy Rose

-Idea Shadow Quad 5 Pink Maroon

-Two tone tin trip bar No. 4 fruit candy bar

# Lovely

The lovely coral pink color creates the ultimate lovely makeup with the blurring effect of mint

-Ideal Blush Duo 2 Peach Mint

-Ideal Shadow Quad 1 Tangled Tangerine

-Silk Intense No. 140 Love Me New Me

# Feminine

Layering of berry and ginger color creates luxurious and feminine makeup

-Ideal Blush Duo No. 5 Gingerberry

-Ideal Shadow Quad 2 Cafe Solo

-Silk Intense No. 238 Miss Sunshine

How to use

How to use
step 1

Gently wipe the contents with the enclosed brush, then gently sweep diagonally from the bottom of the apple zone or cheekbones. Layer two colors to complete your own vibrant cheeks.

No.1 Lily Lavender

1.Apple zone touch in light pink color

2. Complete the pure and pure makeup by giving lavender color points in the center of the apple zone

No.2 Peach Mint

1.Apple tone tone correction touch with mint color

2. Coral pink color touch in the center of Apple Zone

3. Once again, blur in mint color to complete a lovely makeup

No.3 Juicy Rose

1. Divide the clown by diagonal lines and touch the pink color inside

2. Apply coral color on the outside to complete fresh and lively makeup through natural layering

No.4 California Coral

1.Coral orange color touches diagonally from the center of the clown to the side of the ear

2. With gold pearl, it highlights on cheeks, under eyes, and shadow zone to complete attractive and healthy makeup

No.5 Ginger Berry

1. Express the natural color by touching the side line with ginger color

2. Complete a luxurious and feminine makeup by touching diagonally from the bottom of the cheek to the side line with berry color

No.6 Wood Blossom

1.Shading in brown color on the hairline and U zone (side line, chin line, side of nose)

2. Natural gradation in beige color to complete an edged makeup

No.7 Mute Rose

1. Touch the light rose color diagonally along the clown

2. Touch the deep rose color on the front of the face to complete the outline clearly


A multi-color blusher that adds the brightness of vitality

Blooming with bright vitality.

The quality of skin enhanced with vitality and radiance. This highlighter + blusher contains three tones in one for natural vitality and shading in addition to the highlighting effect for extra adiance.

The secret of natural vitality

Bloominous Pearl Powder born with Sulwhasoo’s original color science brings clarity and radiance to the skin as the red plum blossoms that bloom with extreme vitality.

Brush for effective makeup

Sulwhasoo’s luxurious brush with softness and resilience helps with easy makeup.

No. 1 Pink Harmony (Bright Vitality)
No. 2 Coral Harmony (Natural Vitality)

Suggested usage

Use a brush to blend all colors of powder and sweep toward the center of face from the outer part of the cheekbones 2-3 times. If you want to look livelier, blend around the darker flower part to apply one more time on the depress part under the cheekbones. For a more radiant skin tone and glow, gently sweep over the forehead, the bridge of nose, under-eye area, and chin area as a highlighter to add definition to the face.
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