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What it is
The small particles of the Super Collagen™ water(Hydrolyzed Collagen) in the Moistfull Emulsion makes skin full of firming moisture and feeling bouncy.

How to apply
After applying toner or essence, apply an appropriate amount on the face and press gently into face for better absorption.

1) If any irritation develops, stop using and consult a doctor if necessary.
2) Do not use on damaged skin and avoid using on open scars.
3) Keep out of reach of children.
4) Keep in dry cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.
*The collagen contained in this product is derived from fish.

Moisturizing and nourishment for smooth supple skin

It is an anti-wrinkle lotion that delivers moisture and nourishment deeply into the skin to keep it smooth and supple.

Ideal balance between oil and moisture

Formulated with the ideal combination of moisture and oil, it keeps the level of moisture and oil in the skin balanced and helps the skin fight against aging and stay healthy and supple with the help of natural Asian herb extracts.

Light texture leaving the skin feeling supple

It has such a light texture that you can build it as needed. The more you apply, the more supple the skin will be. Experience an amazing change in the skin’s conditions from the emulsion step of your skincare routine.


  • Gently apply over the face through massage after using AGE AWAY VITALIZING WATER in the morning and at night.
  • Use: 0.4ml (diameter: 1.2cm)

Cooling sensation that’s like burst of water bubbles

It is an emulsion with essence that instantly bursts into moisture along with a cooling sensation when it is applied to the skin and controls the oil-moisture balance on the skin’s surface to keep it feeling comfortable and moisturized without dryness.

Smart Powder for sebum and pore control

In addition to Penta-Power ComplexTM dealing with the men’s skin concerns, it has special *Smart Powder taking care of excess sebum and pores to keep the skin soft and smooth.

*Smart Powder: New active ingredient developed using HERA’s patented technology to control excess sebum/oil and take care of pores along with a cool refreshing sensation

Refreshing sensation with a smooth finish

It has a light, moist texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and soft without any stickiness.

Powerful energizing Penta-Power ComplexTM for the men’s skin

HERA HOMME developed a special functional ingredient named Penta-Power ComplexTM through extensive study of the men’s skin. It is composed of caffeine that’s a moisturizing ingredient especially good for the men’s skin, vitamin B3 and B5 derivatives, amino acids and minerals to give healthy and vibrant skin for men full of energy.


  • Pump the product 2-3 times onto your hands after using a toner.
  • Gently apply to your face working from the inside outward.
  • Lightly dab to help the skin absorb.

The skin awakens to new vitality with Narcissus WaterTM that’s as fresh and pure as morning dew

Narcissus WaterTM with extracts of narcissus flower, leaf and root. Narcissus WaterTM full of narcissus vitality to provide deep hydration for luminous skin.

The watery fast-absorbing texture of Moisture-Fluidix technology

The watery texture glides over the skin as smoothly as silk before being completely absorbed into the skin to leave it feeling richly moisturized and refreshed.

Complete absorption of moisture into the skin for a glowing complexion

The anti-aging emulsion seamlessly blends into the skin as it fills in wrinkles, pores and texture for supple and smooth skin.



  • Take an adequate amount after using Signia Water in the morning and at night, and apply across the face from the inside working outward.

Sulwhasoo’s essential lotion softens skin texture, providing rich moisture to leave skin dewy and smooth.

- Ranked no. 1 in the toner and emulsion category for 4 consecutive years. *
- Sulwhasoo’s essential line is no. 1 in repurchasing rate. **
(* Beaute Research 2015 ~ Q4 2018, based on cumulative results from Korea / ** May 2018 ~ April 2019, based on cumulative results from Korea)

This fluid lotion leaves soft, supple skin

Schizophyllum commune ingredient softens and refines skin texture to make skin look more clarified

Smooth, soft finish

Spreads easily over the skin’s surface and absorbs completely, leaving it soft and supple.

How to use

Use day and night after applying skin toner. Apply a moderate amount onto your pam and gently spread evenly across your face.


A brightening emulsion that makes smooth and translucent-looking skin as spreading softly over the skin.

Clear and translucent look with White Cloud Grass

White Cloud Grass helps to alleviate skin pigmentation caused by harmful irritants, and enhances your skin for a clear and translucent look.
[Brightening Cosmetics]

Enhancing skin brightening condition

The Green tea extract, which has the effect of enhancing skin condition, revitalizes the skin and strengthens it for brightening.

Light and smooth emulsion

The light and hydrating emulsion makes skin smooth as it softly spreads and absorbs quickly.

How to use

Use after applying your serum, day and night

Pump a moderate amount onto your hand and gently spread across your face.

Anti-aging emulsion that forms a moisturizing moisturizing film to comfortably wrap the skin and create a smooth and firm skin texture
  • 1

    Camellia saponin anti-aging

    Camellia flower saponin, a powerful anti-aging effect found in camellia flowers, relieves skin aging and keeps young and healthy skin.

  • 2

    A strong moisture barrier of camellia oil

    Camellia oil forms an oil-moisturizing film on the skin, which relieves skin dryness and firmly protects the skin.

  • 3

    Hydrogenated oil

    Hydrogenated oil, a delicate and gentle plant-derived oil, contains mild nutrients, moisture and rejuvenates the skin.

Camellia story
A flower of strong vitality that does not wither even on snow

Camellia, which blooms in winter, falls bluntly when it blooms. The fallen pine tree does not wither for a week and retains its shape even in the middle of winter. I found an anti-aging trick from the camellia's strong vitality that keeps the petals red in the white snow.

Beautiful purchasing agreement with Jeju camellia village

Camellia Village in Jeju is a town where camellia trees with beautiful red petals grow. As the plant does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, camellia flowers and camellia seeds are clean and clean raw materials. Camellias that have survived the strong winds and endured the harsh cold 365 days a day wait until they fall to their daughters.

Anti-aging effect of camellia flower saponin

Through a 35-year camellia research, camellia saponin ingredient with excellent efficacy in anti-aging was found in camellia flowers, and it succeeded in extracting saponin with a high content of 1.5 times higher than the existing extraction method through eco-friendly customized technology. Camellia saponin relieves skin aging and leaves young and healthy skin.
(Eco-friendly technology: low energy method, existing extraction method: methanol extraction method without cyclic method)


Enriched Nuatri Emulsion

A high-nutrition emulsion that forms a thick moisturizing film on dry, rough skin, making it moist and shiny.

  • 1

    Condensed nutrition care

    It contains a flower oil complex rich in nutrients (evening primrose oil, camellia oil, and sunflower oil) to provide rich nutrition.

  • 2

    Oil moisturizing texture

    It is rolled on the skin with rich nutrients to form a thick moisturizing film

  • 3

    High moisture shine care

    Moisturizing ingredients, including beta-glucan, are tightly absorbed by the skin, providing moisture and healthy skin care.


Moisture Ceramide Emulsion


Highly moisturizing emulsion that strengthens the disordered skin barrier, providing a tight moisturization

  • 1

    Strong green light moisturizing barrier

    Originally developed Ceramide PC-104 ingredient and double-strengthened Mugunghwa moisturizing ingredient strengthen the skin barrier and deliver deep moisture to the skin.

  • 2

    Double layer of moisturizing film

    Double-moisture Barrier technology firms the skin's moisture support to maintain a deep, comfortable moisturization for a long time.

  • 3

    Moisturizing barriers with different roots

    It improves the skin barrier that collapses due to harmful environments such as fine dust and makes the skin healthy with a different root.

  • 4

    Thin and cohesive texture

    The thin and light texture is applied to the skin tightly, providing rich moisture without stickiness.

White Dew Emulsion

Perfection of transparent, dewy skin NEW Laneige White Dew

Brightens and moisturizes skin, moisture whitening emulsion


Perfect Renew Emulsion

Emulsion that balances the skin's lack of oil and moisture and protects the skin from harmful environments

  • 1

    Skin oil and moisture balancing

  • 2

    Skin protection

  • 3

    Wrinkle improvement functional emulsion


Anti-aging emulsion that contains plant stem cell components

Patented Rock Samphire stem cell with a strong vitality
It contains a powerful source of vitality that can survive in extreme environments.

Especial type of formula
Fluid type cream formula with excellent moisturizing power delivers deep and rich nourishment.

Amorepacific exclusive formulation technology (patent application 10-2016-0110728)
Contains maximized nutritional content through aging and cooling process at the specific temperature.


How to use
After using the softener, pump the product twice (0.6ml) and gently apply along skin’s texture from inside out. Tap lightly for absorption.

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