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Smooth texture

It provides a smooth touch, yet leaves a powdery finish without caking.

Waterdrop-shaped applicator

The narrow side gives an exquisite touch on each brow, while the broad side helps define the shape easily and quickly.

Full range of colors

NO.33 BROWN and NO.77 GRAY for natural hair; NO.31 LIGHT BROWN and NO.32 MEDIUM BROWN for light brown (dyed) hair; trendy NO.34 ROSE BROWN and NO.76 ASH BROWN are available.


  1. Hold the oval brush sideways to shape the eyebrow using the broad side.
  2. Use the narrow side of the pencil to fill up the spaces between the brows.
  3. With BROW DESIGNER POWDER PEN and BROW DESIGNER PACT, you can create a perfect look at a professional level.

feature of product

Two Step Perfect Brow Mascara


Shaping and coloring at the same time! Eyebrow that completes all-natural eyebrow color with two steps


  • One

    Two-step finishes delicate and neatly arranged eyebrows

    Make eyebrow contours delicately with a pencil, and brush them with mascara for easy coloring.

  • 2

    Natural coloring without bunching even if you apply several times

    The micro-powder that absorbs oil fills the eyebrows tightly and finishes smoothly without stickiness or clumping.

  • 3

    Close adhesion and lasting power even in the afternoon

    It keeps the color from water and sweat for a long time with proper mixing of wax and oil.


Point 1. Natural eyebrow shaping! 2mm slim pencil

Creates natural and delicate eyebrows like planting eyebrows

Point 2. Easy to use mascara from beginner to master

Natural coloring without worrying about eyebrows even if you apply several times

Meticulous coloring between the eyebrows with a thin and slim brush

Point 3. A smooth finish with non-stick 'cream to powder'

The soft powder that is not hardened or sticky of the oil is colored like the color of the eyebrows to give a soft finish

Point 4. Close adhesion and lasting power even in the afternoon

Powder that absorbs oil and oil adheres to the skin for long lasting color from external stimuli

<Two Step Perfect Brow Waterproof Test>


Introducing the two-step perfect brow line


Feature of product

Natural Auto Pencil Eyebrow


Auto-type brow pencil with natural color that creates a neat eyebrow quickly and easily even for beginners

  • One

    Easy and fast even for beginners! "Natural Brow Directing"

    Even a beginner can easily create a brow makeup with a neat feel and no artificial coloring.

  • 2

    Flat oval pencil! "Clean and delicate expression"

    The pencil is erected in the shape of a flat oval pencil, and the neat eyebrow line is laid down and the pencil is delicately expressed as if touching the entire surface of the eyebrow.

  • 3

    With Sebum Control Powder, "Without bunching for a long time!"

    Contains Sebum Control Powder that regulates sweat and sebum, keeping your eyes clear for a long time without greasy or lumpy.


Natural Auto Pencil Eyebrow COLOR


light brown




Deep brown


Gray brown

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