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Two Step Perfect Brow Powder


Shaping and volume at the same time! An eyebrow that completes all eyebrows with two steps


  • One

    Two-step delicate and voluminous eyebrows

    Each eyebrow is delicately contoured with a pencil and filled with powder to make it look like a touch.

  • 2

    Smooth blending without dust

    The creamy powder fills the empty space gently and completes it with a natural brow like my eyebrows.

  • 3

    Close adhesion and lasting power even in the afternoon

    It keeps the color from water and sweat for a long time with proper mixing of wax and oil.


Point 1. Natural eyebrow shaping! 2mm slim pencil

Creates natural and delicate eyebrows like planting eyebrows

Point 2. Natural coloration without clumping! Soft powder

Fills the empty areas of the eyebrows without blowing the powder to express soft and voluminous eyebrows

Delicate droplets in a small area and easy droplet-shaped tips in a large area

Point 3. Adhesion and lasting power, even in the afternoon

The powder that has been finely crushed using a three-stage roll adheres to the skin and lasts for a long time.

<Two Step Perfect Brow Waterproof Test>


Introducing the two-step perfect brow line

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