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Mildly intensive calming cream provides an intensive soothing and
moisturizing effect to the skin, with Artemisia and Ganghwasu™ from baby Artemisia,
according to long-term research on Artemisia.




[How to use]

Use at the last step of skincare.

Dispense an appropriate amount onto your palm and
apply on the face in a tapping motion.



Nature in Life
nature in your daily


Think of your skin.
So, we created a CP (Cold Process) soap that is beneficial to the skin beyond simply washing.

* CP (Cold Process) Soap This is a soap that
is beneficial to the skin, but is aged at least 6 weeks after saponifying at a low temperature a premium oil that is easily scattered at high temperatures.
Compared to ordinary soap, the manufacturing process is more difficult and the production quantity per day is only about 1/10, but
beyond the function of washing the skin, the Hanyul CP method was chosen to leave the skin with benefit and comfort.
CP soap is a soap that is easily alive with oil, so it is recommended to keep it away from contact with water.


High moisture

I suggest you dry skin.
Hanyul's unique moisturizing ingredient rice was used to create a face wash. It promises skin care that remains moist, not just cleansing.

Oil ingredients

Coconut oil, macadamia seed oil, apricot seed oil, olive oil, shea butter


Moisturizing ingredients

Yeoju rice moisturizing essence, rice bran powder, rice bran oil


* The particles visible in the soap are rice bran.
  As it is a beneficial ingredient for the skin, use it comfortably.

Young mugwort

Skin cleansing & soothing

Suggestion to you tired skin.
Hanyul's unique skin cleansing and soothing ingredients contain young mugwort to enable a clean and clean face.
It's not just a face wash, it gives you the comfort to soothe your tired skin.

Oil ingredients

Coconut oil, macadamia seed oil, apricot seed oil, olive oil, shea butter


Purification ingredients

Powdered young mugwort fumigated water, Eoseongcho powder


* The visible particles of soap are wormwood powder and Eoseongcho powder.
  As it is a beneficial ingredient for the skin, use it comfortably.

Soap that resembles Hanyul Nature

It has these characteristics.

Rice-moisturizing nutrition


You can feel rich oil and nutrition that other soaps couldn't easily feel.

Young mugwort-pleasant refreshing


It is rich in dense and mild bubbles, and it washes away dirt from the skin accumulated overnight or during the day.

Soap that resembles Hanyul Nature-Young Artemisia

Try it like this.

Oily decollete, etc.


If there are many traces of oil and it is difficult to wear deeply dug clothes, use soap that resembles nature when washing your face.

Nose full of blackheads


Roll your nose with a lot of blackheads with soap when washing your face. Mugwort powder and Eoseongcho powder clean the black head cleanly.


* If you rub too hard, there is a feeling of irritation, so rub gently.

Soap that resembles Hanyul Nature is made like this.

We wait for more than 6 weeks and give you the sincerity cut and cut by hand.

  • One

    It saponifies at low temperature by blending natural ingredients with oils beneficial to the skin.


    * Cold Proce

  • 2

    Pour the saponified oil into the mold and aged for more than 6 weeks.

  • 3

    After 6 weeks of aging, it is cut directly by human hands.

  • 4

    After re-aging the cut soap, put it back into the mold one by one with human hands.

  • 5

    After the packaging process, it is completed with soap that resembles Hanyul Nature.



Mugwort Clay to Foam

Deep cleansing foam that cleans the skin of waste products



Cleansing and cleansing skin that brightens and cleans dull skin tone

Sebum fit-off cleansing foam with a clay finish

Clay Pack + Cleansing Foam at once, Easy Pack to Foam

It can be used as a daily cleansing foam or clay pack with a texture that turns into a foam pack and foam cleanser when applied.

Daily cleansing without strain on the skin

4-component free

Animal raw materials, mineral oil, synthetic pigments, sulfate surfactants

How to use

How to use regular cleansing foam

Take the contents, foam enough from the palm of your hand, spiral from inside to outside with your fingertips, rub gently, and rinse with water

How to use Claypack to Foam

Take an appropriate amount on a dry face and apply gently on the affected areas except the eyes and mouth. After 3 ~ 5 minutes, apply water and gently massage to make bubbles, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. (Appropriate amount per use: about 2 cm.Length of one finger)

Young mugwort cleansing related products



A skin cleansing & moisture soothing care line that adds freshness to your tired skin and fills your comfort.

The mugwort that grows after the clear sea breeze at Ganghwa Beach, especially the young mugwort obtained before May 5th of the lunar calendar, is included in Hanul.

It is a natural raw material such as mother's first bath water that softens and softens the delicate skin.

Researcher's old notebook

Researcher's worries to convey the effects of mugwort, a natural ingredient in Korea, to the skin

As you can see the time that has passed, the faded note contains the sincerity of the researcher who wrote by hand. Hanyul's efforts to convey the power of Korean nature to the skin will continue.




Feature of product

Hanyul white chrysanthemum radiance serum

Whitening serum that provides clear and bright, transparent and radiant skin with intensive care for pigmentation and pigmentation on the skin

Whitening serum, I think it will dry NO! A moisture-based whitening serum that can be used on a daily basis throughout the four seasons.

Contains Gangwon gamguk flower extract that keeps the skin clear and transparent. White chrysanthemum is growing in our country, 'Night and Night Farm' in Gangwon-do.

White chrysanthemum line-related product

Story of white chrysanthemum

Hanyul has found the answer to clear and clean skin in our nature. White chrysanthemum is a Korean natural raw material that turns dull skin into transparent and clear skin, and is a native chrysanthemum of Korea.

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