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    Contains plant derived ingredients that are pleasant on the lips

    The plant oils and butter components provide deep moisture and nutrients to the lips.

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    Composed of natural colors that look like your own lips.

    Your lips will be tinted with a natural color the look of vivid lips for a longer period of time.

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    Provides moisture and nutrients that keep the skin moist all day.

    The natural plant based ingredient containing Deep Care Complex™ moisturizes and nourishes the lips, keeping it moist throughout the day.


Feature of product

Pure Lip Color Lip Balm


Clear and vivid color fits in a stick mask! Sure! Perfect! Yum! A color lip balm that turns your lips into lips with a single click

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    Vanilla care ingredients moisturize without drying

    Lip care ingredients extracted from vanilla provide extreme moisture and nutrients without stickiness, making lips moist without dryness

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    The color fits the mask! Care and color at once

    Clear, vivid color is contained in a high-moisturizing stick mask, making it easy and bright to complete the glass lips with just one

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    Naturally-derived ingredients with smooth, firm lips

    Contains 40% of natural ingredients to improve dead skin and improve rough lips, making it smooth and firm.


No. 1

Miss Red

No. 2

Pink blossom

No. 3

Phil So Pink

No. 4

Coral for you

No. 5

Orange squeeze


feature of product

Pure Lip Color Gloss


Lip gloss with flower-like color in mild camellia oil

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    Good lip gloss for comfortable use

    Lip care using carefully selected mild base, pigment and natural fragrance

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    Lips moisturized all day with the deep moisturizing effect of Camellia Oil

    Camellia Oil Complex and Dual Moisturizing Lock System Gives Extreme Moisturization to Dry Lips

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    Care and vivid color all at once!

    Adding the color of camellia flowers to the transparent base to create a clear and shiny color like glass grains

#Good prescription of good lip oil

4 ingredients FREE

Animal raw materials, mineral oil, silicone oil, artificial fragrance free

Using natural spices
Dermatology test completed


Pure Lip Color Oil COLOR

No. 1

Shine Camellia

No. 2

Glass Camellia

No. 3

Ice camellia

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