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This product expresses dramatically long lashes.
The feather-light fiber lengthens the eyelashes, and the Curl 24-HR technology keeps curled-up lashes stay fresh for 24 hours.

[How to use]

1. Coat the lashes starting from the root.
2. Reapply the fiber on the tip of the eyelashes as if layering on the lashes little by little to make your own lashes long like doll lashes.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 8g


  1. 1

    Helps you achieve the fullest lashes

    The deep black pigment creates defined, glamorous eye makeup.

  2. 2

    Meticulous volume that starts from the inner lashes

    The Easy Volume™ brush volumizes lashes from the inside with a single, soft touch.

  3. 3

    Strong against sweat and sebum

    The translucent film wraps around lashes without flaking and stays strong against sweat and sebum.

  4. 4

    Mascara that is easy on the eyes

    A gentle mascara with a lighter-than-water formula that washes off easily with lukewarm water. (Human testing completed)




1. Thorough curling of each and every hidden lash 
The 2.5 mm-diameter micro brush with the motif of an interdental brush curls up to each and every hidden short lash to help showcase the eyes. 

2. Long-lasting curls 
Micro brush curls up the lashes from the root to sustain the curls all day long without drooping. 

3. Light and natural look for the eyelashes 
Hollow Airlight Powder creates a light and natural look and yet makes the lashes long and full, while botanical extracts keep the skin around the eyes healthy. 


1. Sweep up from the roots of your lashes in a zigzag motion. 
2. Hold your brush vertically to reach shorter lashes. 
3. Apply onto the under-eye lashes for even more defined eyes. 

What it is
- A triangular-shaped brush creating a long lash look without clumps! 
This brush curls up lashes from roots to top, making them look longer. 

- Keep your lashes curled up without concern of them drooping! 
The memory curling polymer keeps your lashes curled up and prevents drooping. 

- A long-lasting clean effect! 
Formula preventing flakes and smudges to ensure clean makeup!
What else you need to know
[Choose mascara according to your eyelash type] 

1. Skinny Microcara: 
A mascara that perfectly curls up every hidden lash from roots to top 

2. Skinny Waterproof Microcara: 
A strong waterproof base preventing black smudges 

3. Skinny LongLong Cara: 
A mascara that curls up your lashes from roots to top, as if having eyelash extensions, to create a long lash look.
How to use
1. Apply the mascara as if pressing from the roots of eyelashes, moving in a zigzag pattern. 
2. Erect the brush to completely reach even the shortest lashes as well as the upper and lower lashes. 
3. Apply to the under lashes to create a clear eyelash look.

Product Details


1. Lashes stay curled from morning to night
It keeps the lashes curled up all day long when used before applying the mascara

2. Boost to the volume of the lashes
Transparent oil based fixer evenly coats the lashes to give a curl boost after mascara application

3. Essential ingredients for healthy lashes
Essential ingredients including green tea extract and black bean keep the lashes sleek, shiny and healthy
What it is
1. Voluminous effect with the bold spoon-shaped brush!
This volume mascara delicately fills in between lashes with bold spoon-shaped brush for luxuriant eyelashes.
2. Delicate volume like a neat layer of bricks
Plate powder formula neatly, delicately voluminous lashes without becoming patchy.
3. Black Effect Complex for deep black lashes
Black Effect Complex containing black soybean and black pearl extracts makes eyelashes intensely deep black
and healthy.


1. Long lashes with the delicate curve brush 
This longlashcara fits lightly and evenly in each and every of lash with the delicate curve-shaped brush for long eyelashes as if getting a lash extension. 

2. Light longlash look with the air black fiber 
Triangle-shaped air black fiber formula lightly and comfortably adheres to each and every lash without going patchy to give an excellent longlash effect and make a clear eye look. 

3. Black Effect Complex for deep black lashes 
Black Effect Complex including black soybean and black pearl makes lashes intensely deep black and healthy.

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