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The skin awakens to new vitality with Narcissus WaterTM that’s as fresh and pure as morning dew

Narcissus WaterTM with extracts of narcissus flower, leaf and root. Narcissus WaterTM full of narcissus vitality to provide deep hydration for luminous skin.

Narcissus-DewTM with concentration of Exceptional Gold Drop

Narcissus-DewTM is Narcissus WaterTM with evenly distributed Gold Drop, which gets absorbed into the skin to deliver the healthy and clean energy of narcissus.

A boost of hydration for dewy glowing skin

A burst of moisture that is completely and smoothly absorbed into the skin to make it look naturally healthy and bright without leaving any feeling of stickiness.


  • Take an adequate amount after cleansing in the morning and at night, apply all over the face and lightly pat to help the skin absorb.

Moisture Ceramide Skin Softener


A high-moisturizing skin softener that strengthens the disordered skin barrier to provide tight moisture

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    Strong green light moisturizing barrier

    Originally developed Ceramide PC-104 ingredient and double-strengthened Mugunghwa moisturizing ingredient strengthen the skin barrier and deliver deep moisture to the skin.

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    Double layer of moisturizing film

    Double-moisture Barrier technology firms the skin's moisture support to maintain a deep, comfortable moisturization for a long time.

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    Moisturizing barriers with different roots

    It improves the skin barrier that collapses due to harmful environments such as fine dust and makes the skin healthy with a different root.

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    Deep moisture without stickiness

    It contains betaine, a natural moisturizing ingredient extracted from sugar beet, which delivers a comfortable and refreshing moisture to the skin.

Active Water Moisturizer
Laneige Homme Active Water Line that maintains optimal skin condition full of moisture like fresh shower
A refreshing gel-type moisturizer that instantly moisturizes the skin to create a moisturized, radiant complexion.
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