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Self-adjusting Beauty Filter Effect
Brighter and more luminous skin controlled with lighting powder and color matching according to the skin tone

A lighting powder that brightens the skin as if in a spotlight : Translucent lighting powder transmitsor reflects light to correct the skin tone. This is different from the skin tone correction of previous makeup base products that are thick and simple. Also, the lighting powder clearly expresses the foundation color by giving off a transparent radiance and gloss through light reflection.
A specialized color system to express lively complexion as if a filter is applied : The effect that brightens a dull complexion has been realized by developing a specialized color that can give a lively complexion on various skin tones.

Makeup boosting effect designed from various angles
A powder with excellent adhesion power against breakage, dryness, darkening and sloppiness offer steady brightness

HERA Magic Starter improves makeup longevity through the magnetic effect that holds makeup tight using the fix effect powder. Thus, the makeup stays as moist and smooth as when it was applied in the morning with a clean coverage and dewy finish bright.

Moisturizes and smoothens the skin for effective makeup blending
For that ideal, deeply moisturized and firm skin condition that blends well with makeup

The fresh and light essence texture that consists of trehalose component is immediately felt on the skin. The moisture wax maintains deep moisture for a long time. Also, the European chestnut extract tightens skin and boosts the skin into a firm and well-polished complexion that blends well with makeup.

Color recommendation based on your skin tone

  • Rose: Giving a lively brightness to dark or dull skin
  • Lavender: Giving clear brightness by correcting the strong yellow skin tone
  • Mint: Giving clean and clear brightness by correcting the strong red skin tone
  • Shimmery White: Dazzling brightness that gives a transparent threedimensional look to the face


  1. After the skin care step, place a pea-size amount on the back of your hand.
  2. Dot on areas of your face in this order: cheek → forehead → nose → chin.
  3. Spread and apply as closely as possible using your middle and ring fingers.
  4. Apply thinly but evenly on the eye, nose, and mouth areas using the tip of your middle finger.

Feature of product

Water Glow Base Corrector SPF 41 PA ++

Color correcting makeup base that fills the skin with young light

Water glow base corrector
  • 1. Cloudiness NO! Natural transparent tone correction

  • 2. Moisture glow that shines as if the skin was turned on

  • 3. Moisturized skin with a moisture film finish

  • 4. SPF41, PA ++ moisture essence makeup base

Key Points

Water glow base corrector

Moist young light base

Key Point 1

Cloudiness No! Natural tone correction

Baby Blue Boosting ™ technology that projects blue light onto the skin, tone correction with clear and transparent skin of young children

Key Point 2

Moisture glow that shines like skin light

Glow lighting system that makes the skin itself a shining light source.

Key Point 3

Moist and firm skin texture with a moisture film finish

Moisturizing membrane that traps moisture, moisturizes the skin, improves the adhesion and durability of the foundation to complete the skin texture of 'mochimochi'

Key Point 4

SPF41, PA ++ moisture essence makeup base

It is a low-viscosity formulation that contains moisture, making skin tone easy and comfortable as if applying skin care.

Technical features

Secret Baby Blue Boosting ™ for Transparent Baby Skin

Technology that adds blue color to the skin by reflecting only blue light, corrects dull skin tones, and creates transparency on the baby's skin.

Glow lighting system The light that becomes transparent as you gather

Like the light that becomes more transparent as it gathers, it directs the skin as a single light source that emits light on its own, and adds ambient light to create skin radiance and cover skin defects.

All Shades

No. 20 Lodge Pink

Produces pale skin to look complex. Fine prism particles reflect light and can be used in areas where you want to give a strobing effect.

No. 40 Light Purple

Corrects skin dullness and yellowness.

60 light green

Corrects the redness of the skin.

Beauty Tips

Hot water recommendation and color cut according to skin tone concerns

How to use

step 1

After pumping once, apply it to the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, and chin and apply it as if applying lotion

step 2

The clear and bright skin base is completed.
* Laneige Water Glow Base Corrector is a low-viscosity formulation that can be used as easily as a lotion.

What it is

Smooth skin texture with concealed pores 
This both cleanses and smooths out uneven pores and bumps, creating a clear skin texture prior to makeup application. 

Long-lasting softness 
Natural mint and minerals manage the oil and moisture balance of the skin, allowing skin to remain soft and smooth for long periods. 

-Clean and comfortable skin using ingredients from Jeju This product allows skin to remain supple and clear by tightening wide pores with Jeju green persimmon extracts, while the Jeju green complex creates healthier skin.

How to use

After your skincare routine, squeeze some primer onto your fingertip and spread a thin layer on pores. Gently pat for even coverage. 

*It may cause flakes or clumps when used excessively, so use only a small amount and spread in a thin layer.

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