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Deep thorough care for wrinkles caused by exogenous elements and endogenous factors

CorrectinoidTM provides a powerful anti-wrinkle effect to reduce the appearance of wrinkles formed by exogenous elements (environmental causes) and endogenous factors (habits), and prevents the potential formation of wrinkles to give healthier, smoother and more supple skin.

Delicate care for visible wrinkles caused by facial expressions for a smooth skin texture

It takes delicate care of those areas most prone to wrinkles resulting from facial expressions (crow’s feet and frown lines) to keep the skin looking smooth and gracefully youthful.

Moist smooth and rich texture

The thick rich texture glides over the skin smoothly and seamlessly between fine wrinkles and is absorbed without any feeling of stickiness.


  • Take an adequate amount at the last step of your skincare routine, gently apply and massage over the wrinkled areas and then lightly dab using your finger tips to help the skin absorb.
  • Use your whole palm to lightly pat for a boosted effect.

  • To apply to a particular area: Amount covering 1/2 of the index finger joint
  • To apply over the face: Amount covering the index finger joint
For younger looking skin
  • Take an amount enough to cover the index finger joint and split onto the forehead, around the eyes and mouth.
  • Apply to the middle of the forehead, around the eyes, cheeks and around the mouth in an S-shaped curve.
  • Apply by pulling the skin upward from the center of the chin to right below the ears.
  • Gently sweep the skin from the ears to the neck.
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