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Welcome to Unnie's Skincare!

Unnie's Skincare has a two-fold mission. We believe that everyone deserves beautiful healthy skin. We also believe that, like our motto states, "Skincare is for everyone" and that skincare includes Korean skincare. We strive to provide a diverse and inclusive perspective of Korean skincare.

Unnie's Skincare is a proudly Black-owned business and we prioritize working with minority women and people from the queer community.

Message from the founder:

Thank you so much for coming to my site!!

First, I just want to say, Unnie's Skincare has been a long time coming.
I've been a kpop fan for well over 10 years (for which, I think I deserve a senior citizen discount in the kpop world 😂😂). I can remember working my first job to save up enough money to buy my first album (Big Bang's Alive album back in 2012). I remember travelling on a Greyhound for over 20 hours to go to my first kpop concert (a BAP concert in Washington DC back in 2013). I remember creating a dance group in high school and trying to learn Shinee's Lucifer, DBSK's Mirotic and F(x)'s Nu Abo for the school talent show ( oof, thankfully that never happened🤦🏾‍♀️). I even remember the struggle of trying to find interviews/variety shows with subtitles or trying to find part 3 of 12 back when youtube didn't allow videos over 10 minutes.

However, through all the good times (laughing with friends and going to concerts), the bad times (who remembers the chaos that was 2014 🤣🤣) and the ugly (there's a lot 😬 ngl), one thing always stuck out to me. Even though I was interested in Korean beauty and constantly reading about the newest products and trends, I rarely tried them. I felt like the products, the makeup and skincare, just weren't for me. I never found myself reflected in the market, even on sites marketed to an international audience.

Despite the lack of representation on sites, when I looked at my friends and other fans, we were all beautifully diverse. We came in all shapes, sizes, creeds and ethnicities, and with the globalization of kpop, this diversity continues to grow and is something I wanted to highlight.

This is how I came up with the motto "Skincare is for everyone". You don't have to be pale or slim or have amazingly poreless skin to be worthy of the title beautiful.
Taking care of your skin, and therefore taking care of yourself, is the ultimate goal that we are promoting. Everyone deserves to have beautifully healthy skin and to see themselves represented.

Here at Unnie's Skincare, we want to provide a place where you can not only buy products, but get advice and reviews from real people (which is where the name comes from, we want to be like your older sister giving you advice on what we're using, have used in the past and our honest thoughts). We aren't here to catch you with crazy gimmicks or 24/7 sales (that aren't really sales).

We hope to provide an inclusive space for people to come, be themselves and be seen.

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